Dust Characterization

The dust in your home or office can tell us a lot about what is in the air that you are breathing. Maypole can run a dust characterization sample to test for a vast array of potential particulates with known health risks.

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X-Ray Diffraction


How Does Dust Characterization Work?

Dust Characterization incorporates 5 types of testing in order to identify nearly all unknown particles in dust. 

Through careful calibration of an air pump, the inspector is able to sample the breathable air of your indoor space.  By documenting the flow speed and collection time, the laboratory is able to provide a highly accurate count for a wide variety of potential airborne hazards.  Following the delivery of the air sample results, we can compare the findings with industry consensus in order to describe the indoor space as either normal or elevated with a specific contaminant. 

Why Is Dust Characterization  Testing Important?

Dust characterization can identify four different types of particles as outlined below.  These particles can cause a wide range of health effects ranging from eye irritation, skin rashes, and nosebleeds to shortness of breath, anaphylaxis, and immune and inflammatory responses.

Particles of Plant Origin

 - Pollen

 - Cellulose Fibers

Fungal Matter

 - Mold Spores

Particles of Animal Origin

 - Skin Cells

 - Animal Hair

 - Mites

 - Insect Fragments

Non-Biological Particles

 - Opaque Particles

 - Fiber Glass

When Should Dust Characterization Be Used?

This test is idea for initial site surveys where Indoor Air Quality is in question.  While other air quality tests investigate specific hazards, the dust characterization sample gives you an expansive idea of what you're breathing.  It is a great way to have some peace-of-mind and not leave you wondering if there could be something else you are unaware of. 

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Dust Characterization

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