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How it Works

Maypole is now able to offer quick and easy testing for the presence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on surfaces within your office, restaurant, hotel, gym, school, home, and many more.  We are proud to be a part of the effort to help decrease the spread of this virus and keep our neighbors and loved ones safe.  

Select the number of swabs to order based on the space you will be testing.

Receive swabs and perform surface sampling with the help of our detailed instructions.

Ship the samples back using the included pre-paid shipping label and box.

Maypole reviews the results and will have your report ready within hours.

Receive a Certificate of Completion to let your customers know that you are committed to keeping your community safe

Fast Turn-Around

Kit Ships 2-day Delivery to You

Overnight Return Label Included

One-Day Sample Processing

Receive results within 2-days of sampling!

How Many Samples Are Recommended?

As the Coronavirus spreads widely, one sample swab can cover a large area.  This enables you to use fewer swabs and still get an accurate result.  We suggest using one swab per material per area you are interested in sampling, allowing you to narrow down where possible contamination came from if a sample happens to come up positive for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). There are no set guidelines in place regarding the surface area one swab can cover.  Please refer to our FAQs for more information.

Sampling Options:
By Entire Space
Less Specific / Fewer Samples

I want to know if Coronavirus is present somewhere within my space.  

By Unique Areas
More Specific / More Samples

I want to know exactly where in my space the (potential) presence of Coronavirus was found.

Sampling Suggestions:


There are a handful of materials known to carry the Coronavirus.  The virus can survive for different amounts of time depending on the type of material.

Materials of Interest:

  • Copper

  • Cardboard

  • Wood

  • Paper

  • Glass

  • Plastic

  • Stainless Steel

Unique Areas

A unique area consists of the same material, use, and general area within your space. For example:

  • Cubicles

  • Kitchen Appliances

  • Bathroom Surfaces

  • Stairway Railings

If you have counters that are the same material but in different parts of the space we recommend using separate swabs so that you know which one came up positive.​

Total Square Feet

Total square feet is the size of the areas you are interested in sampling.  Add together various rooms, bathrooms, etc.  Any spaces that you intend to sample should be factored into the equation. 

Pre-Order Now - Shipping Early June

Custom Order

For large orders or custom shipping time frames please contact us!

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What's in the Box?

We've included everything you need in our sampling shipment!  

  • Detailed Sampling Instructions

  • Sampling Materials

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Pre-Paid Shipping Materials

  • Peace-of-Mind

You're Making A Difference!

We all need to do our part to help minimize the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).  When businesses begin to open up again it will be more important than ever to diligently track the spread of the virus.  Through the use of Coronavirus surface testing not only are you keeping an eye on possible contamination but you are also providing peace-of-mind to your clients and employees.  Your visitors can now rest assured that you are doing everything possible to keep your space clean and minimize the risk of infection.

Keep Clients and Employees Safe

Minimize the Spread of COVID-19

Know If and Where Your Space is Contaminated

Narrow Down Source of Contamination

The Science Behind It

Maypole uses an Open qPCR test that targets the
SARS-CoV-2-nucleocapsid N gene. As the test is validated with the live virus it significantly reduces the concern for false positives or negatives. This testing method is specific to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) strain, using the exact genetic mark of the virus.

We've Got Your Back

Maypole is always here for our clients when they need us.  Have questions about your report? Need another copy of your Certificate of Completion?  No problem. 


Customer service is our main priority and we will do everything in our power to make sure you walk away with all your questions answered.

All of our packages include email and phone support for 1 year from the time of purchase.   

More of a DIY person?  Check out our FAQs

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Where did my report go?
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