Coronavirus Surface Testing

Coronavirus Surface Testing Options

Through the use of an Open qPCR test that targets the SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid N gene, Maypole is able to provide clients with highly accurate Coronavirus (COVID-19) surface testing results. This testing method uses the exact genetic mark of the virus.  


As the test is validated with the live virus, it significantly reduces the concern for false positives or negatives.  This enables Maypole to deliver results not only with speed, but with unmatched accuracy. 


  • Proactive Surface Testing

  • Post-Cleaning Verification

Mail-Out Testing Kit

Based in New York City, Maypole has proudly served our community with many of their environmental testing needs over the years.  We are now very excited to share that we can provide the same exceptional level of service that our NYC clients have grown to expect and bring it nationwide!

As the country begins the process of opening back up, we are adapting to what the new normal will look like.  Maypole can help provide your clients, customers, and loved ones with the confidence to re-enter your space!

New York City Testing Service

For our neighbors in NYC, we offer in-person testing services for your home, office, restaurant, gym, daycare, co-working space, etc.  We know that letting people into your home or business at this time can be cause for concern.  Rest assured that Maypole continues to take our health and safety protocols as seriously as always.  This is what we "do" and we were wearing gloves and masks long before it was cool! 

With the use of our open qPCR test we are able to provide results in as fast as two hours from the time of inspection.  The opportunities to provide peace-of-mind to those around you are unlimited. 

We Work With:




Daycare Facilities

Co-working Spaces



Residential Common Spaces


Why Should You Test For Coronavirus?

The CDC has released public health strategies that include reopening guidelines for public spaces, work places, businesses, schools, and homes.  These guidelines outline the need to develop, implement, and maintain a cleaning and disinfecting procedure for your space. 


However; how do you know that the cleaning measures are effective? Maypole works directly with home owners and facility/property managers to conduct Coronavirus (COVID-19) post-cleaning verification.  Now you can provide those within your space with confidence that a multi-faceted Coronavirus management plan is in place.

What To Expect

The inspection is just the beginning of the services that Maypole provides.  Once the inspection is complete and the results are received we will thoroughly review them prior to issuing a report. Maypole is an inspections only company which means that we do not perform any abatement, cleaning, or restoration services.  You can rest assured that we always have the clients' best interest at heart and that there is no conflict of interest.  


Maypole is here to answer any questions along the way or to review the results with you.  We will also provide you with a Certificate of Completion that can be displayed in your space to reassure your customers and patrons. 

As always, the safety of our clients and workers is of utmost importance.  Maypole continues to follow proper social distancing, hygiene, and inspection safety protocol.  Please read our Coronavirus Statement for further details.


  • Surface Testing Via Swab Samples

  • Focus on Heavy Use Areas​:

  • Floors​

  • Counters

  • Computers

  • Tables

  • Knobs

  • Etc.


  • Expedited Processing

  • Review of Results

  • Written Report of Findings


  • Certificate of Completion

  • Discussion of Results

  • Explanation of Report

How Long Does Coronavirus

Last On Surfaces?

There is still a lot to learn about the Coronavirus and the way it operates.  Our hygienists are following all developments daily so we can provide the most accurate and supportive care to our clients.  The virus lives on various surfaces for different periods of time which can make it difficult to know which protocols to take within your home or business. Below are the most recent research findings*.

Up to 4 Hours


  - Coins

  - Cookware

  - Jewelery

  - Electrical Wire

Up to 24 Hours


  - Food Packaging

  - Shipping Boxes

Up to 2 Days


  - Tabletops

  - Wood Countertops

  - Furniture

  - Shelving

Up to 4 Days


  - Money

  - Mail

  - Magazines

  - Newspaper

  - Tissue

  - Paper Towels

  - Toilet Paper


  - Windows

  - Mirrors

  - Drinkware

  - Screens (TVs, Phones Etc.)

3-7 Days


  - Food Packaging

  - Water Bottles

  - Credit Cards

  - Remote Controls

  - Light Switches

  - Touch Pads

  - Keyboards

  - Toys

Stainless Steel

  - Door Knobs

  - Refrigerators

  - Handrails

  - Keys

  - Cutlery

  - Pots & Pans

*Information based on 05/18/2020 and subject to change at any time without notice.

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Maypole now offers surface testing and post-cleaning verification for COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  Receive peace-of-mind that your new day-to-day procedures are working!

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