Thermal Imaging

Moisture is the key ingredient in mold growth as well as mold prevention.  Maypole uses the help of Thermal Imaging equipment to detect hidden moisture issues and potential mold problem areas.

How Does Thermal Imaging Work?

Thermal imaging shows the amount of heat radiating off an object or person.  Thermal cameras detect temperature by capturing different levels of infrared light which is invisible to the naked eye.  The hotter an object is, the more infrared radiation it emits. The cameras then record the temperature of the items in the frame and assign each temperature a shade of a color.  Colder colors will be a shade of blue, purple, or green whereas warmer colors will be a shade of red, orange, or yellow. 

When conducting a mold inspection, the use of Thermal Imaging Cameras can help to detect moisture by showing cooler (blue/green/purple) areas that would otherwise go undetected.

Why Is Thermal Imaging Important?

Once visible damage or odors are present it usually means that the problem has grown and you find yourself with a significant issue on your hands. In many cases water intrusion may have been a problem for a while before visible signs become apparent. 

With the use of infrared/thermal imaging we can detect a potential issue well in advance and prevent larger problems from forming.  

Benefits of Thermal Imaging

Examination of areas not visible to the eye

Inspection of hard to reach areas

Ability to cover large areas quickly

Locates water intrusion even in early stages

Shows extent of potential water intrusion

Provides visible documentation of problems

Water Intrusion

Water intrusion behind walls, under floors, or in the roof can be easily and quickly detected.


Leaks can be tracked down in a non-invasive way and the root cause of the leak can be determined through the use of infrared technology. 

Post Remediation Verification

Thermal Imaging can help to determine if the remediation of a known mold problem was completed successfully.

When is Thermal Imaging Used?

The use of infrared cameras enables the inspector to visually see the location and extent of hidden wet areas.  Not only can this be done quickly but it is also completely non-invasive. Thermal Imaging is a great tool to be used in conjunction with standard mold sampling procedures

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