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Mold Testing

The presence of mold inside the average home or office is not uncommon.  Is it normal or does it pose a possible problem for you or those around you? Maypole can run various tests to determine the size, type, and potential health risk of the mold growth.
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About Mold

Mold is a type of fungus.  In small amounts, mold spores are often harmless; however, when spores land on wet areas the mold can grow into a substantial problem. Distinct spore types possess different characteristics and health effects, so it is important to know which genus is present. 

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Need to satisfy Local Law 55 requirements?

Maypole keeps on top of the rules and regulations so you don't have to.  Whether you just need someone to complete the inspections for you or if you want someone to handle everything start to finish, we are here for you. Just say the word and we'll be there.

  •  Inspections

  •  Inspection Reports

  •  Compliance Forms

  •  Supporting Documentation

    • Photos/Videos

  •  Record Keeping

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Mold Testing in New York

Maypole provides a full-range of Mold Testing options. Different methods may be used depending on the issue(s) you are facing. We are here to walk you through it and put your mind at ease. 

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Mold Prevention

Often times small problems can be hidden in hard-to-see areas and grow into larger problems before they are detected.

Early intervention is key!

Thermal Imaging

Detect moisture in areas that would otherwise go undetected.

Water & Moisture Control

Early action is essential in preventing or reducing mold growth.

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