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Here at Maypole we believe that providing sampling/inspection as well as abatement/removal services is a conflict of interest.  We feel that when looking for a company to evaluate your home or business it is important for you to choose a company not involved in the remediation in order to receive an unbiased inspection, testing, and reporting process. 

With Maypole you will receive an honest and trustworthy inspection. 


48-Hour Turnaround on ACP-5s / Reports

We know time is of the essence in everything you do.  Maypole will take care of the inspection process from start to finish so you can move on with the other items on your to-do-list. 

Let Us Handle It

Reviewing the plans

Providing a proposal

Scheduling the inspection

Analyzing the results

Issuing the ACP-5 / Report

Sending original copies of the ACP-5 to all necessary parties

Advising on any questions or issues that arise


We Are There When You Need Us!

Maypole takes the headache out of scheduling your inspection. Need an inspection today or tomorrow? That shouldn't be a problem - let us see what we can do!


Licenses & Certifications

Support Whenever You Need It

Maypole is here to answer any questions you many have and provide guidance when issues arise. Not sure what your options are? Call us and we will walk you through it. 

We have team members with a depth and breadth of knowledge across many areas. We are confident we can help - whatever your needs may be!  It is our #1 priority to ensure you walk away with a positive experience - from the first phone call, to when we knock on your door, to when we send you the results.

What Our Team Will Do For You!

Greet you with a smile

Answer your calls and emails within hours but more likely minutes

Give you honest and reliable advise

Put your concerns at ease

Make you love us

Environmental Scientist

We Know What We're Taking About

And we will do our best to share this knowledge with you.  We want you to feel educated throughout each step of the process.

With deep industry experience there are very few situations we have not come across before. Maypole is able to provide top-notch service because we utilize the strengths and knowledge of all of our people and we are here to pass that on to you. 

Putting You At Ease

Submit inspection requests on-line

View and approve proposals from your computer, phone, or iPad

On-line invoice payments

Status updates when the inspector is en-route

Confirmation once inspection has been completed

Available to answer questions or concerns whenever they pop up

Opportunity to submit a review of how we did

A Seamless Process So Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

We have invested a lot of time and energy into setting up our process so that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. It is our goal to ensure that you know what to expect every step of the way.

Straight from the Source

Great place to do business with. Very attentive, responsive and easy to use applications for faster response.

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