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Maypole provides lead testing across the 5 boroughs of New York City.  Whether you are looking to test for lead-based paint, dust, soil, air or lead water contamination we can help!

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With all the new lead regulations it can get confusing fast.  Maypole is here to help you navigate the process from start to finish so you can remain compliant.  Whether you just need us to point you in the right direction or you want us to manage the whole process, we got you covered!

Local Law 1: NYC Lead-Based Paint Law

Lead Paint Compliance

  • Annual Requirements
  • Turnover Requirements
  • Recordkeeping
  • New Requirements
  • Local Law 31: XRF testing
Departmental Orders
  • Lead in School’s Drinking Water
    (Title X NYS Code Rules and Regulations subpart 67-4)
  • Apartment or Building HPD Lead Exemption Status
  • Risk Assessments
  • Orders for Inspection - Correcting Violations
  • Clearance Testing

Lead-Based Paint Consulting

Buying or Selling a Home
Peace-of-Mind Inspections
Planning Renovation, Repair, or Removal Activities
Turnover Requirements (HPD)

Lead Dust Wipe Services

Post Removal Clearance 
Lead Hazard Screen Risk Assessment (HUD/NYCHA)
Departmental Order (DOH)

Why Is Lead Testing Important?

Lead can affect almost every organ and system in the body. Children under the age of 6 are at the highest risk levels. The most important step a parent can take is to prevent lead exposure before it happens. In 2012 the CDC lowered the blood lead level of concern in children in the hopes that it will trigger parents and doctors to take action earlier. 


Behavior and Learning Problems

Lower IQ


Slowed Growth

Hearing Problems


Seizures, Coma, Death (in rare cases)

Pregnant Women

Reduced fetal growth

Premature Birth


Cardiovascular Effects

Increased Blood Pressure


Decreased Kidney Function

Reproductive Problems

Lead Testing Services

Lead can be tested in paint, dust, water, soil, and air.  Depending on the concerns one or all of these methods may be used. The lab analysis will show not only whether lead is present but also the levels present in the specific source.

Lead-Based Paint

If the paint is in-tact an XRF machine may be used. In the case that the paint is already damaged or will be removed, 2x2 paint chip samples will be taken and analyzed.

Lead Dust

Maypole will take dust wipe samples of any areas where dust is collecting or where deteriorating paint is detected, such as around windows and floors.

Lead in Water

Maypole will take multiple samples from each water source in the space and have it analyzed.  Important if plumbing dates back prior to 1986. 


Soil around the home or business will be collected and sent to a 3rd party for analysis - especially from areas where children may play.


An air sampling instrument will be used to collect multiple air samples from the space.  Useful when there is nearby constructions, abatement, or visible debris.


  • Visual Inspection

  • Sampling of material(s)


  • Review of lab results

  • Written report of findings


  • Discussion of results

  • Explanation of report

What to Expect

The inspection is just the beginning of the services that Maypole provides.  Once the inspection is complete and we receive the results back from the laboratory we will thoroughly analyze them prior to issuing the inspection report.  

We are always here to answer any questions along the way or to review the results with you.  In the event that lead is found we can also help you navigate the best course of action and your options on how to proceed. 

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